Nerd Crush

There are quite a few rappers of the nerd culture that I could say I crush on but none with as much swag as Childish Gambino. His lyrics are not only interesting and creative but they nod toward everything us nerds love from Harry Potter to Invader Zim. He also doesn’t let the hate get to him about who he is which is the hardest thing for most nerds.

Childish Gambino, or rather Donald Glover not only makes the beat retarded but also is a writer for some of my favorite shows like The Daily Show and 30 Rock and is a killer comedian but he also plays Troy Barnes on Community. The lovable, clueless and dorky exjock; with a friendship we can’t help but be jealous of. If you still doubt his nerdiness check out his twitter where he started a petition to be able to audition as Peter Parker stating that he was “the black spiderman”. Oh right, and he was supported by Stan Lee.

Can’t help but fall for guys who rap in the big leagues about the little guys while still pulling off the thick rim glasses and bow ties.

He’s rocking for the nerds.

Please Donald Glover, put me in your video.

Freaks and Geeks Childish Gambino

I’ve been debating on making a video of me rapping for a while. I rap Childish Gambino when I’m drunk.


Oh, and he also has his own tumblr.

Nerd Crush

To the nerds boys everywhere who complain that girls who say they like nerds just want hot guys in glasses I give you Jason Segel.

Jason Segel is 6’4” drink of pure sexy with the heart and humor or an 8 year old boy. His dorkyness however just seems to add to the love us nerd girls have for him.

His carreer started in a short lived show most of us nerds can relate to “Freaks and Geeks” as the music loving “Freak” Nick Andopolis. From there Segel took on many supporting roles in some of our favorite comedies such as “Knocked Up” until he landed the role as Marshal in “How I Met Your Mother”.

I could write an entirely new post for the crush I have on Marshal. A loveable, optimistic lawyer who sings to himself about what he is doing and full heartedly believes in Sasquatch. The best part about his character though is his relationship with Lily. They have an extremely loving and fun relationship that any nerd girl looking for her geeky guy would want.

After Jason had proved himself he let us have it all in Forgetting Sarah Marshal by writing and staring in his first movie. He also let us see it all, a confidence in himself that goes beyond sexy. Since then Jason has soared with his talent. He even recently brought us back the Muppets by getting Disney to allow him to write and star in the 2011 Muppet Movie.

Although he was turned down many times as a young actor because of his goofyness he has since proven himself as an amazing television and film actor and more recently has proved himself as an extremely multitalented as a screenwriter, composer, puppeteer and musician. His adorable looks and whitty charm are what make us melt but it is his love for puppets and goofy jokes that make him a perfect nerd 10.

Jason Segel, please read this and tell our kids this is how you met their mother.