Nerdy Cartoon Girls

Honestly, the smart and not so popular girl should really be more popular in kid’s television shows. It would be nice for girls to want to be the smart girl in the glasses who everyone goes to for the plan instead of the helpless damsel who knows how to apply makeup. Cartoon nerd girls are usually not made to look pretty or interesting and they are rarely a main character so they can be looked over very easily. However, they have always been my favorite characters.

I present, your favorite smart and nerdy cartoon girls from the cartoons you grew up with and even some from today.

(rule number 34- every girl on this list can be found being very naughty)

Any I missed?

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    Follow her and look at said list. It’s pretty accurate in my opinion. =) p.s. My favorite cartoon nerdy girl will always...
  2. chickenbonewatt said: I was pretty stoked the other day when my 8 year old step daughter was watching Scooby-Do with me and said “I’d rather be the one with the glasses because she’s so smart. She’s the one that really solves all the mysteries “.
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    Did you get Jane from Tarzan or Hermione from Harry Potter?
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