NGL Secret Santa 2012!

·         Submit your name, address, tumblr username, favorite color, favorite candy, and your top 3 fandoms. We’ll try to match you up with someone who shares your interests. Make sure to tag your submissions with the secret santa tag.

·         Open to U.S. followers only. Sorry, international NGL fans, we’ll try to find ways to include you in the future!

·         Ask box has to be open so we can send you the info of who we matched you with. If your ask box is closed, you won’t be eligible to participate and your buddy will be assigned someone else. 

·         Anyone that is unable to be paired due to odd numbering will be assigned to either NGL or myself (scotchtrooper). Score!

·         Deadline for submission is Dec. 1st. Any submissions past the deadline will (unfortunately) not count, nor will we accept any revisions to submissions after this date. Your buddy will be provided to you by the following Monday (Dec 3rd), in which you have until (roughly) Dec 15th to ship your package in order for it to arrive before the 24th (according to this from the USPS). This is a time sensitive project, so anything past that date is starting to push the guarantee that your buddy will have their gift before the 24th.

·         Spending range is anywhere from $5-$15. Bought items are fine, but hand-made is encouraged!

·         Check places like Etsy if you aren’t very crafty yourself. Simply type in one of your buddies’ interests, and hunt until you find something cool in your price range!

·         No gift cards.

·         Be creative! Decorate the shipping box with doodles, add handmade cards or artwork, add confetti or glitter (if you are a horrible person), and use brightly colored paper as wrapping or packaging. It’s a thrifty way to give your package more character!

·         Have fun, and submit your stories! With a little effort we can all enjoy what stands to be a fun project. Don’t forget to submit your stories and a picture! We’d love to hear about what you and your Santa did! Nerdygirllove will do a post about some of the most interesting and creative gifts.

·         Don’t be a dick. If you think you can’t manage the time or energy to participate, don’t. No one wants to get a half-assed gift with no thought put in to it. Don’t send something that you wouldn’t want to receive yourself. Anyone with a legitimate complaint brought against them will not be allowed to participate in future incarnations of the NGL Secret Santa.

Here are some lists of Nerdy DIY gift lists to post as idea guides:

This is brought to you by the amazing scotchtrooper. NGL does very little and takes the credit.

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    I’m helping do a thing. Submit your info to NGL to join in!
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    Deadline is December 1! That’s Saturday.
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